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19 March 2015 / / life
06 June 2004 / / life

i can only attribute so much of last week and this weekend to divine providence. and i can really only focus on certain parts. but that’s how memory works – looping over itself in the space behind your eyes, allowing light through sort of distorted, kaleidoscopic, folding.

25 April 2004 / / life

to take advantage of one of the last free weekends i’m going to have for a while, eric and i carted our way out to the mountains. eric found an old map of the logging roads in the jemez wilderness, and noticed that one of them came within a quarter mile of the san antonio hot springs, which was especially nice because the main trail to the hot springs is closed for another month or so, till the last of the snow melts.

25 December 2001 / / life

i bought naola a plane ticket back to miami for christmas, but being short for cash, i bought myself a bus ticket. i’m no stranger to greyhound and i’ve come to expect the kind of weird shit that always happens to me on these buses.