Erik Frey

I’m an engineer that builds products powered by artificial intelligence.

Currently: I build products that talk to people. I also build simulators that teach robots to operate in physical spaces.

Previously: I built a better doctor’s office. I designed massive scale urban hardware. I taught computers to read the news, and also to find your next favorite song.

I live in California with my wife Naola, our kiddo, and two unruly dogs.

self portrait


I traveled around the world some years ago, and took notes:

Bolotovo Farm · Kiev · Ulaan Baatar · Naushki · Khuzhir · Woodstock · New York City · Washington D.C. · Hitch hiking · Havana exit · Trinidad · Vinales · Havana


You can find me on:

Github · Flickr · Twitter · Email: my first name @ this domain