March 2015 / / life
October 2009 / / craft

This here is Norman Casagrande,’s former head researcher and my former mentor. The facial expression seen here is one of my favorites. It’s usually accompanied by some questionably-translated Italian aphorism, ”You know, Erik, that is like the ox saying ‘horned’ to the donkey.”

January 2006 / / travel

“Haven’t you ever wondered why the Church doesn’t allow women to be preachers?”

“Not specifically,” I replied, throwing my pack on the bed. I sat down. Icelandic Pizza Chef sat down on the opposite bed.

“It makes God less attractive to women, so they all become whores and drug addicts.“

October 2005 / / travel

Hi Mom!

Remember when I called you from the post office in Ulaan Baatar? The conversation was short, and I probably sounded distracted. Here’s why:

October 2005 / / travel

It’s easier to handle the vastness of the Gobi desert if one approaches it through Siberia. The brainstuff is already properly tenderized, prepared to handle the gradient of bleak to bleaker.